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Conservatree's Terms of Use

We are happy to make the information on this website available to all, but we must also protect our copyright, our creative and intellectual work, and our financial support. If others profit from our work without prior arrangement with Conservatree and without express written permission from Conservatree, we will no longer be able to produce this kind of information. And we want to continue to make it available!

Unless indicated otherwise by the credit, all pages on this site are original pages written by the author of Conservatree, and are protected by both United States and international copyright laws. In addition, all compilations, including the paper listings, are copyrighted by Conservatree. Photographs are copyrighted as listed below.

Following are the Terms of Use users of Conservatree must agree to before using the articles, tables, lists, compilations or information (hereinafter collectively called "Material"). By using any of the Material you understand that you have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions.These terms and conditions will be strictly enforced.

1) You may use the Material for your own needs, but you may not redistribute the information (including posting on another website, use in a database or compilation, or printing other than for personal use) or use it for profit in any way without the express written permission of Conservatree.

2) Photographs may not be downloaded and used in another format or on another site. Most of the photographs and images on Conservatree's site were obtained from IMSI'S Masterclips® and MasterPhotos™ Premium Image Collection, 75 Rowland Way, Novato, CA 94945, USA. The rest are © Susan Kinsella.

3) We welcome links from other websites to Conservatree's website, and/or to specific pages within Conservatree's site. However, links may not "capture" Conservatree's pages in frames or other methods that make it appear to exist on another website, without the express written permission of Conservatree. If you link to our site, we would appreciate your letting us know.

4) Users may NOT use any of the Material on either personal and commercial web sites without the express written permission of Conservatree.

5) Users may NOT use any Material in databases or other compilations, without the express written permission of Conservatree.

6) Users may NOT redistribute, sell, or repost for download any Material on any medium (CD-Rom, website, database, etc.) without the express written permission of Conservatree.

7) Users agree not to remove the copyright notices inside each page. The copyright notice appears inside the comment tags on each page, and looks something like this:

<!-- © 2000 Conservatree ( -->

This notice must not be removed.

8) The rights to any articles submitted by non-Conservatree authors belong to the non-Conservatree author, who will set their own Terms of Use. Contact him or her for permission to use their specific article.

9) Users agree not to use Material for illegal purposes, or on pages containing illegal material.

10) Users agree not to hold Conservatree liable for any damages resulting from proper or improper use of the Material.


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