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These are the brands to choose for environmental progress.

This is not a list of all brands that may be made with recycled content, only those specially marketed as "recycled" or whose manufacturers disclose recycled content.

Postconsumer content is listed here as the minimum or range that the manufacturer will guarantee.

Consumer Facial Tissue


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additional market information.

Brand Name Environmental Content Supplier Manufacturer Where To Find It
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Green Forest 100% recycled, 90% postconsumer   Planet Inc. Supermarkets, Natural Foods Stores, and Websites such as and
Marcal Fluff Out 100% recycled, 30% postconsumer   Marcal Paper Mills Supermarkets in Northeastern U.S. and Office Supply Stores nationwide
Seventh Generation 100% recycled, 20% postconsumer, processed chlorine free (PCF) Seventh Generation   Mail Order
and Retail in Natural Foods Stores
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