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Want to use environmental papers but don't know what's available? You've come to the right place for answers.

The environmental paper markets have changed considerably over the past few years. Some Trends are disturbing, while others are encouraging.

Choose The Right Grade

Be certain that the type (grade) of paper you're choosing is the right one for your job. Read the Descriptions of different paper types to make a good match. In particular, make sure you're using a paper specifically designed to be used in copiers for copying purposes. Many of the concerns people have about recycled paper "not working in copiers" are caused by using inappropriate papers, not the recycled content.

Many projects could use several different types of paper, depending on their purpose, desired look, and economics. Projects: Choose the Right Paper discusses variable options.

Go To The Lists

The Lists of Environmental Papers (Macs using Internet Explorer link here instead) are presented as tables, each dedicated to a different grade. Explanations of the table categories and entry conventions follow.

Tree free papers are included in the complete table listings. They are also compiled into their own Tree Free Paper Listing.

Short descriptions of common usages for each grade start off each table, but if you're not sure, read the longer Descriptions first.

Also check the Paper Products List for vendors providing products made from environmental papers, including cards, notebooks, and many more.

Where To Get Environmental Papers

Once you find paper(s) of interest, you will want to learn where to get that paper in your geographic area. Access routes vary depending on whether you're buying in large quantities or small.

For large quantities, paper manufacturers usually distribute through local paper merchants, which vary depending on location. Check the Mill Contacts page to access the customer service department of each manufacturer. Ask them who distributes their paper in your area. Tell them the specific paper you want, to be sure you get contact information for the right vendors.

Small quantities (reams, cartons, products such as small packages of letterhead, cards or envelopes) are sold through specialized vendors. Go to the Buying In Small Quantities section for tips on finding them and lists of some of the vendors.

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